Mystery Undies and Trainers

****full coverage Undies/trainers **** there will be a limited amount available.

We are going to do a fun mystery print package at an unbelievable price! All will be handmade by local minnesota mammas using almost all organic cotton 

All will feature a full coverage unisex fit. They will be TAGLESS for the kiddos with sensitive skin. 

Trainers will have a few extra layers of organic cotton in the 'wet zone' to help catch little accidents. The fabric is also organic cotton next to your childs skin and will feel wet and a bit uncomfortable if there happens to be a little accident(this is a great way to get the kiddo to not want to wet their pants 😂)

There will be 3 sizes! 

Small 2t-3t

Medium 4t-5t

Large 6y- 7y

You can choose from boy / girl / wild 

Undies $20 for 3 pairs

Trainers $30 for 3 pairs

****There will be a limit of 5 sets of undies per person****